PROJECT: Heating water supplies at an animal shelter

De-icing Derby Donkey Sanctuary

The site:

Heat Mat worked with the Derbyshire branch of the Donkey Sanctuary, to create a winter-proof solution to prevent burst or frozen pipes.

The system:

  • For this project a Trace Heating system was designed and specified to ensure that the essential pipes, supplying the Donkey’s water troughs, did not freeze when the temperature dropped, or in adverse weather conditions. Heat Mat also supplied heating solutions for some of the animals troughs in exposed locations around the site.
  • Trace Heating cables provide focused and controllable heat to prevent pipes from freezing and maintain process temperatures. They are perfectly suited to outdoor applications such as water troughs and pipes.
  • The systems were installed to alleviate the need to de-ice the pipes by hand, in winter, or during freezing conditions, and enable staff to carry out vital work elsewhere, instead of spending their days out in the fields, dispensing water. The final system Heat Mat supplied ensured that water kept flowing in temperatures as low as -15°C.

For this type of installation we can supply heating cables that sit within the water pipes, guaranteeing animals cannot cause any damage to the cable (or themselves), as they might with external Trace heating systems.

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