PROJECT: Steep domestic driveway

Driving down the steep cost of driveway heating

The site:

A Heat Mat driveway heating system was installed to provide safe access to a property in Dobcross, near Oldham, Greater Manchester.

The driveway of the house is incredibly steep and poses a serious danger in winter, when the owner’s car often slides on ice, down to the main road below. The drive leads directly onto the A62: a busy, yet narrow road into Huddersfield, from the Saddleworth village. To enable safe access and prevent the owner’s vehicle losing grip, two tyre tracks at the edges of the driveway will heat the access in winter conditions.

The system:

Contractor Springwood Construction was commissioned to install a Heat Mat driveway heating system to melt ice and snow where the tyres meet the ground. Heat Mat specified their 7mm exterior cable, accompanied by a ground moisture sensor, and 47A dual zone thermostat for temperature control. The cable was attached to reinforced construction mesh, using robust cable ties, before being covered with sand. The driveway was finished with decorative paving blocks. The owner has spent many years struggling to get out of the drive in snow, or risking his safety in icy conditions. “I’ve had a few hairy moments with black ice and been stuck in the drive on numerous occasions” says the owner. The system will provide peace of mind and make accessing the property much safer, when dangerous snow or ice is present.

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