Building Site Solutions

Building Site Solutions

A range of ice and snow systems for building and construction are available to enable groundwork to continue in winter weather. Suited to domestic or commercial projects, the systems can assist with defrosting ground, heat site access or may be installed as a feature for prospective buyers.

Heat Mat has developed these building services in response to feedback from construction professionals who must ensure groundwork can continue in colder months despite increasingly unpredictable weather.

Temporary ground mats

  • Defrost ground or protect sand for bricklaying
  • Thaw base ahead of excavation work or digging foundations
  • Defrost drums
  • Clear ice from walkways and ramps
  • Reusable mats to cover 3m² with both 110V and 240V options available

Allow concrete curing

  • Controllable heat output to prevent curing concrete from freezing
  • 110V frost protection system for pipes available

Forklift ramps, entrances, pavements & walkways

  • Ensure areas with high traffic remain safe in winter

Pipe protection

  • Trace heating for exterior pipe protection
  • Safeguard water and waste pipes or sprinkler systems
  • Heat handrails or cold store freezer doors

Hot asphalt cable

  • For applications where hot asphalt is being poured

Systems to add value for residents

  • Heated driveways
  • Roof and gutter protection

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