Heat Mat Ice & Snow melting systems offer a variety of solutions for everyday problems of ice and snow buildup, ensuring businesses and homes remain safe and trouble free even in the coldest weather. In recent years the UK has experienced increasingly cold and snowy winters, and Heat Mat has a variety of products to help you protect and winterise your property.

From preventing a water pipe from freezing, to protecting large driveways and roofs from snow buildup, we can specify the right product for your requirements at a reasonable price. Our solutions are manufactured in Denmark and have been proved in the tough winter conditions of Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The majority of our applications can be integrated into building management systems to provide you with complete control and we also offer quality thermostats including temperature and moisture sensors to guarantee the most energy efficient operation of your system. We carry a large stock of standard ice and snow melting products in the UK and can satisfy most requirements on a next working day basis. Where specialist cables are required such as three phase or with non-standard outputs, we can normally supply these within ten working days, subject to customs.

Customer service is part of Heat Mat’s ethos and our Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are on hand to provide the answers to all of your questions. Technical specifications and quotations are supplied free of charge and, where required, our team of specialists (including our Danish experts) can attend site meetings to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.