Wildlife & Animal Care

Wildlife & Animal Care

Heat Mat has extensive experience specifying and heating various animal enclosures across the UK. Our Ice & Snow systems are suitable for a variety of applications at zoos, wildlife parks and animal sanctuaries.

Water troughs and feeding pipes

  • Stop water supplies freezing

Kennels and catteries

  • Heated kennels and catteries providing comfortable floors for guests
  • Protect water pipes and outdoor taps

Equestrian and stable blocks

  • Prevent stable block water supplies and troughs freezing
  • Heat stable ramps and menageries

Zoos and wildlife parks

  • Heated enclosures and features e.g. rocks for Jaguars and Cheetahs to lie on
  • Protect water supplies to ponds and wet environments for animals
  • Stop water and feeding pipes freezing
  • Provide a fast defrost system for frozen exhibits to enable cleaning

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