Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Heat Mat ice and snow melting solutions and bespoke heating systems are ideally suited to commercial and industrial applications such as roof heating and pipe protection. Our expert technical team can work with you to develop a system to ensure production and productivity continues in adverse weather.

Whether it is preventing snowdrifts building up on an existing roof, or ensuring maintenance routes are clear of snow in winter – we have a cost effective system for such applications.

Ramp, walkway & access heating

  • Loading ramps, forklift ramps and entrances or access areas around commercial and industrial sites
  • Roof access routes, fire exits and maintenance access
  • Heat security gates access channels to prevent water in the channel freezing

Roof & gutter protection

  • Roof heating systems for industrial roofs – protecting warehouses and production areas
  • Bespoke systems to prevent ice and snow buildup
  • Cost effective alternative to reinforcing the roof
  • Gutter hoppers and downpipes

Sprinkler systems

  • Ensure sprinkler systems are working to comply with fire regulations
  • Protect systems from freezing in low temperatures

Process temperature maintenance

  • Trace heating for hoppers, food containers and storage vessels
  • Prevent condensation buildup in ventilation pipes
  • Maintain consistent temperatures to prevent solidification

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