At a Glance Features

  • Fully automated prevention of dangerous ice and snow build-up on roofs
  • Ensure walkways and roads beneath roofs do not suffer from potentially dangerous falling icicles or snow
  • Prevent roofs collapsing on factories and warehouses due to the weight of large build-ups of snow
  • Avoid the expense of having to structurally strengthen old roofs, if new buildings are built abutting them, by preventing the risk of snowdrifts against the new wall
  • A wide variety of thermostat and control options, suited to each system's individual requirement
  • Save up to 80% on normal running costs by using our moisture sensors, which prevent the system activating unless there is moisture present

Roof Protection

Category: Roof Protection

Heat Mat Ice and Snow Melting Systems for Roofs

Scandinavian designed systems to protect people and property. Roof heating systems for commercial or domestic properties.

A complete range of heating cables, thermostats and fitting accessories, to provide fully automated protection against dangerous ice and snow build-up on roofs and in gutters. Roof heating systems are suitable for ensuring ice and snow build-up does not block drainage channels and gutters and prevents subsequent water ingress into buildings; systems can also be designed to ensure roof-based fire-escapes and walkways are kept free.

Complimentary gutter heating systems are installed to ensure that the melt water from the roof heating system can flow away freely ensuring that gutters and downpipes do not get blocked by ice and snow. Custom made ice and snow melting thermostats, monitor the air temperature and can control two separate zones independently, to ensure the system works effectively. The addition of moisture sensors in the gutters, or on the roof, will cut the running costs by up to 80% by ensuring that the system only heats when it is cold and there is moisture present.

  • Heat Mat offers a wide variety of specialist fixing mechanisms to allow roof heating systems to be installed onto virtually any roof construction without having to puncture the fabric of the roof
  • Ensure valleys and drainage channels are kept free of ice and snow to allow melt water to drain off the roof
  • Trace heating and constant-wattage systems available
  • Fully automated protection to prevent ice build-up in gutters and ensure walkways below are safe from falling icicles
  • A number of different sensors and timers can be combined to ensure that the system only operates when it is required, minimising energy usage
  • Entirely maintenance free. Once the system is installed there is no requirement for any maintenance work, and some systems include an automatic alarm warning if the system fails, for whatever reason
  • A tried and tested system. These systems have been used in Scandinavia for more than a decade and have proved their worth in extreme temperatures and weather conditions


Thermal image of a Heat Mat roof heating system working on an industrial roof.

Parallel-resistive cables

In addition to constant-wattage and trace heating cables, Heat Mat provides parallel-restive cables for roof and gutter heating and frost protection of pipes (where this type of cable is desired).

Parallel-resistive cables benefit from the same cut-to-length onsite feature of trace heating cables, whilst retaining the constant-wattage benefits of standard heating cables to ensure that the electrical load does not vary, therefore simplifying electrical installation.

These cables are suitable for a wide variety of applications. For more information please speak to Heat Mat for details of the outputs and cable types available.

Read the parallel resistive cables factsheet.

System specification

Every application is individually specified to ensure that the most suitable system is provided. Heat Mat offers the widest range of ice and snow protection systems in the UK, and whatever your requirements there is likely to be a suitable system to meet them.

Different heating systems

The main ice and snow melting systems required on roofs are used to ensure that gutters, valleys and other drainage channels remain clear and free-flowing during extreme conditions. Alternative systems can be used to ensure roof-based walkways and fire escape routes are kept free of ice and snow or to keep individual roof areas free of ice and snow. Heat Mat does not offer design services for mitigation systems for snowdrift melting and snow-loading reduction, but is able to supply heating cables and fixings suitable for these types of project if desired.

Trace heating vs. constant-wattage cables

Although trace heating cables are entirely suitable for heating roofs, and are occasionally the only option, quality trace heating comes with a premium price tag. To complement our trace heating cable, Heat Mat has developed a constant-wattage outdoor heating cable for roofs and gutters that is significantly less expensive than self-limiting cable; while remaining UV stable and highly protected against the elements. This provides a great value roof and gutter heating system that also has an expected life of more than 25 years.

Roof heating accessories

In addition to the roof heating cables, Heat Mat have a comprehensive range of fitting accessories, to allow the simple installation of the heating system. These accessories include specialist cable fixing bands and anchor points that can be firmly attached to the roof, with the specialist adhesives that Heat Mat supplies. For the gutter heating systems, Heat Mat provide gutter clips for holding the cables in the gutter and spacing them apart, and chains and suspension beams to ensure the downpipes are heated correctly to ensure the safe removal of the melt water.

System life and running costs

All of Heat Mat's roof and gutter heating systems have expected lives of more than 25 years, and there is no reason why they shouldn't operate for more than 50 years. The running costs of the system will depend on the control gear used (moisture sensors reduce running costs by around 80%), the local weather conditions, and how much snow there is each winter.

The costs of operating a roof heating system vary considerably depending on how they are used. In many years there would be no requirement to power them up at all, unless significant snow was expected. In fact, a layer of snow on a roof acts as a great insulator, lowering the heating bills of the building below. For gutter heating systems using a moisture sensor, a running cost of around 70p per metre, per year (or less) would be expected in most areas of the UK. Costs in particularly cold parts of the country will actually be less, as the snow will not melt each day, therefore the gutters will remain clear of water once they are first cleared.

Roof Protection Technical Specification

FRO-16A-GSTA – 3.6kW Thermostat supplied with air temperature Sensor

Supply Voltage 230V+/-10%, 50-60Hz
Temperature Range 0/+10°C
Output Relay 16Amp
Ambient Operating Temperature 0/+50°C
Housing IP20
Weight 190g
Mounting DIN rail-mount
Dimensions (H/W/D) 86mm /52mm /59mm
Supplied with 1 x FRO-TEM-SENS

FRO-16A-STAT - 3.6kW – Thermostat with moisture sensing capability

Supply voltage 230V +/-10%, 50-60 Hz
Temperature range 0/+10°C
Built-in timer for manual snow melting/afterrun 0-5 hours
Output relay 16 Amp
Ambient operating temperature -10/+50°C
Water based system Controlling a 3 or 4 way valve, primary pump, secondary pump
Display Graphic and with backlight
Ambient operating temp 0/+50°C
Ambient operating humidity 10-95%
Housing IP20
Weight 200g
Dimensions (H/W/D) 86mm /52mm /59mm
Sensor compatibility FRO-TEM-SENS

FRO-GRO-SENS - Ground temperature and moisture sensor

Senses   Moisture and temperature
Mounting   Outdoor area
Housing   IP68
Operating temperature   -20/+70°C
Dimensions   H32, Ø60 mm