Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture & Farming

Heat Mat Ice and Snow systems are suited to a wide variety of agricultural and farming applications from dairies to heated greenhouses. Our systems can offer a considerable cost saving, enabling production to continue or crops and livestock to be protected regardless of the weather. Heat Mat specifies specialist cables and Self-limiting Trace heating for commercial and domestic farming uses nationwide.

Soil warming – Green houses & polytunnels

  • Specialist soil warming to heat the substrate beneath growing plants
  • Provide plants with the desired conditions to accelerate growth

Gutter protection

  • Stop the weight of snow causing damage to a variety of buildings such as barns, stable blocks and commercial polytunnel gutters
  • Prevent costly damage to businesses during winter months or adverse weather conditions

Water supplies & sprinkler systems

  • Maintain heat and humidity for optimum growing conditions
  • Prevent water pipes and supplies to livestock freezing
  • Trace heating for sprinkler systems and irrigation
  • Self-limiting cables for automatic feeders

Farm access routes & ramp heating

  • Tyre track heating for access all year round
  • Ramp heating for stables, livestock pens and warehouses

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