PROJECT: Ramp heating at Greatmoor Energy from Waste Facility, Buckinghamshire

The site:

A Heat Mat ramp heating system has been specified and installed at the Greatmoor Energy from Waste Facility currently under construction in Edgcott, Buckinghamshire. The facility, commissioned by Waste Recycling Group (WRG), is intended to convert 300,000 tonnes of residual waste to energy at an existing landfill site in Calvert, Buckinghamshire. The household waste will be burned inside the plant to generate electricity and hot water year round. The structure incorporates a concrete pavement and steep ramp for refuse vehicles to drive up, carrying waste to the enclosed reception area. This ramp must be accessible 365 days a year to maximise the plant’s efficiency. Contractor Sir Robert McAlpine approached Heat Mat to supply and oversee the installation of a robust slab heating system (ramp heating) for the entrance to the reception hall. The purpose of this system is to ensure the site remains accessible in any weather conditions.

The system:

Heat Mat visited the site to ascertain the scale of the ramp and develop a proposal to meet the requirements for year round snow melting. Heat Mat specified their specialist high Wattage ramp heating cables with 10m cold tail connections to be installed beneath a 210mm concrete and reinforcement mesh slab. Constant-Wattage cables were chosen over trace heating cables due to the stable power requirements of the former. Specialist dual-zone ice and snow melting thermostats will control the cables, and an external air temperature sensor and ground temperature sensor and moisture sensors will monitor conditions to ensure the system works with maximum energy efficiency. Heat Mat attended site two further times to assist with installation advice and demonstrate how to lay the cables for the best possible result in winter.

The result:

The specified slab heating solution enables the site to function year round without ice or snow slowing down refuse vehicles. Although the site is not due for completion until late 2015 the system has been installed and tested and will be connected to the sensor equipment for final commissioning by Heat Mat, prior to use.


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