Snow Melting Solution At A Rural Home

Snow Melting Solution At A Rural Home

Heat Mat has specified a driveway heating system for an access road at a historic family house in Yorkshire.

The owner required Heat Mat to find a solution to ensure the access road is clear of ice and snow all year round. A heated driveway system will enable staff and deliveries to successfully reach the property regardless of weather conditions.

The service road, which runs alongside storage buildings at the private country property, has a 12% slope making vehicle movement difficult in ice and snow.

Heat Mat specified an 11kW constant-wattage driveway heating system to heat the slope of the road, and, at the owner’s request, cables to heat a section at the top and bottom to allow vehicles to grip the road and safely complete their journey.

Tyre tracks will automatically be cleared of ice and snow; heated by 0.4m wide specialist driveway-heating mats. To melt the area abutting the road a loose 50W driveway heating cable, affixed to rebar, was recommended with an output of 4.25kW and an extended 40m coldtail.

A 48Amp snow melting thermostat, along with air and moisture temperature sensors will control the system. 

With these type of domestic external heating systems, the power supply is often a consideration, on this project power for the system was already in place in a nearby service building.

For more information on driveway heating or outdoor snow melting solutions please contact our project team.