Ramp Heating For A Large Private House

Ramp Heating For A Large Private House

From little acorns mighty oaks grow.

A mirror demister order turns into a ramp heating system for a Heat Mat distributor.

When one of our customers supplied a single mirror heater recently little did they know it would lead onto a large ramp heating job due to their great customer service.

Heat Mat’s distributor was contacted by an electrical contractor to supply a single demista pad. The contractor had to clarify a couple of points on their order and in doing so solved an external heating problem.

During the interaction about mirror demister pads with a customer service advisor at ecommerce distributor Extractor Fan World, the contractor was informed of both Heat Mat’s underfloor heating as well as ice and snow melting systems that were available. From this discussion the electrical contractor requested more information on the outdoor heating, this then led directly onto Heat Mat specifying and supplying (via our distributor) a full ramp heating system for installation beneath tarmac to solve the problem of ice and snow on a driveway eading to an underground garage at a large private property in the South East.

The contractor said to Heat Mat that the confidence they gained from speaking to the distributor and the obvious knowledge they showed convinced them to request the driveway specification, and ultimately to buy the system.

For more information on driveway heating or outdoor snow melting solutions please contact our project team.

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