Trace Heating Raises The Temperature In Brixton

Trace Heating Raises The Temperature In Brixton

Our robust and innovative Trace heating will ensure cold water continues to flow for residents of Ruskin Park House in Brixton, South London.

Water pipes on the roofs of two blocks of residential flats in Brixton froze last winter causing disruption and difficulties for residents. To avoid similar problems this year, our intelligent Trace heating cables have been installed.

The two adjacent properties at the site on Champion Hill have a number of exposed water pipes on the roof servicing the residents. These pipes provide the cold water supply for the entire building and are essential to the well being of residents.

The self-regulating cables will maintain the temperature of the pipes on the roof to avoid water freezing if the weather becomes cold enough. Trace heating cables are an ideal solution for maintaining temperatures in water pipes; the cables emit heat at different points along a pipe, providing targeted heat.

Heat Mat specified 23W per linear meter trace heating cables to heat the rooftop pipes on both buildings where needed once temperatures drop. Heat Mat’s trace heating cables are 17th Edition compliant and expertly manufactured in Scandinavia where temperatures drop considerably in winter and rigorous testing is carried out.

The cables were purchased through a wholesaler in Croydon and installed by Nick Thompson, with the support of Mark Booth, Electrical Supervisor at the site.

Using cables ties, the cables were secured to each pipe and the cables are controlled using a 20Amp specialist Trace heating thermostat. The device will only heat the cables once the ambient temperature drops below a certain level ensuring no energy is wasted and there are no unnecessary costs incurred by residents.

The pipes were cut to length on site and fitted onto the water pipes on the exposed roof. The cables output will be adjusted according to the surrounding environment allowing for changes in the ambient temperature, therefore minimising energy usage and, when used with the 20Amp thermostat, will maintain the desired temperature of the rooftop pipes at all times.

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