Ramp Heating For Underground Parking Installed At New Build In London

We recently installed a driveway system to heat a steep underground car-park ramp at new development Redmayne Apartments in Stockwell, London.

The development of 30 apartments, due for completion in Summer 2014, has been designed with obligatory underground parking for resident's vehicles. The car park provides space for 28 cars and accommodates 48 bikes in secure storage. The steep driveway is 112m2 and winds under the building to the parking bays. If ice were to build-up on the slope it would pose a very dangerous threat to residents in their vehicles or pedestrians. Developers Corbyn Construction Ltd approached us to provide a ramp heating system to prevent dangerous snow build-up on the sloping drive and enable resident access at all times. The heating system: Temperature controlled We specified a robust In-Screed system following an initial free-of-charge site visit to gather requirements and survey the site. The chosen system was supplied by City Electrical Factors, Dagenham and incorporated our 7mm exterior cable, used for a wide range of exterior applications including ramps, driveways and multi-storey car parks. Following a second site visit the in-screed system was fitted by securing the heating cables directly onto metal construction reinforcement mesh beneath a thin layer of sand and a covering of concrete. A ground moisture sensor and a 47 Amp thermostat were fitted to control the system and ensure it only heats when required making the system extremely energy efficient. The 47 Amp Frost and Snow Thermostat is the most efficient and intelligent exterior thermostat we specify, ensuring the whole system is controlled with the very best timer and only heats when required. The results: Ice and Snow free access The premium and robust driveway system will now provide safe access to the underground car park for residents and visitors during winter months. The system will only react when needed, once the temperature drops below 3°C or a desired temperature programmed into the thermostat. This system ensures dangerous ice and snow cannot build-up on the car park ramp, eradicating the need for winter maintenance and manual snow clearing. Find out more about ramp heating.