Platform Heating Cable Testing Underway

Platform Heating Cable Testing Underway

Testing our ice and snow cables for use under rail platforms

We are currently conducting platform-heating assesments at our UK head office test facility.

As part of ongoing development work for our ice and snow systems, we look to test our ice and snow cables in accurate conditions, for use with various floor coverings and for a range of applications. In this case we are testing a specialist ice and snow melting cable for use within railway platforms. Tests are revealing the output required to melt dangerous ice or snow likely to build-up on train platforms in winter, which poses a considerable hazard to pedestrians.

We manufacture cables for a wide variety of applications, and often spend time in both the UK and Denmark with our technical product developers, investigating the performance of heating protection cables under certain conditions. We run tests based on variables such as insulative qualities of materials or significant temperature changes.

Snow is not only crucial to the testing of our ice and snow melting systems, it is also fun to create!!

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