Now Is The Time To Install Trace Heating

Now Is The Time To Install Trace Heating

Trace heating is an ideal solution for temperature maintenance of hot or cold water pipes.

Now is the time to install Trace heating, to avoid damaged or burst pipes once the temperature drops (and an Indian Summer is a distant memory).

Trace heating can be used for a wide number of applications; we are busy specifying systems for schools and domestic homes. Trace heating is most suited to temperature maintenance or pipe protection. The cables cannot overheat and are extremely robust, they 'self-regulate' providing focused heat where it's needed along the pipe, to meet the target temperature.

We recently specified Trace heating for installation on the roof of a residential block of flats in Brixton, South London. The cold water pipes servicing the flat were failing in winter due to freezing, so our 23W/lm Trace heating cables have been installed to prevent the pipes freezing this winter. The cables will be controlled using a 20A thermostat.

Trace heating applications include:

  • Hot water pipe temperature maintenance - hospitals, care homes, schools and Leisure centres
  • Protecting cold water pipes from freezing - caravan parks, blocks of flats, irrigation systems
  • Preventing frost heave
  • Protecting food manufacturing containers
  • Protection for water supplies feeding animals
  • Heating solutions for farms, polytunnels and vineyards
  • Protecting animal water supplies in zoos, shelters, kennels and catteries
  • Pipe protection for commercial buildings, concrete plants, building sites and factories

For more information about Trace heating or project assistance please contact our Technical Team.