All Aboard - Boat Heating Solutions

All Aboard – Boat Heating Solutions

Underfloor heating can be the ideal solution for small and awkward spaces, or provide an easy-to-fit option in much larger areas, on land and at sea.

Our systems can be fitted onto yachts, ferries and cruise ships.

In fact our high-quality heating mats have been specified in new multi-million pound yacht builds and cabin refurbishments on holiday cruise liners. We have also supplied an ice and snow melting system for a service vessel tasked with repairing wind turbines in the Baltic. Specialist trace heating was fitted onto the deck to keep it clear of snow and ice whilst at sea.

Electric underfloor heating is a hidden alternative to radiators; it provides a discreet and space saving solution in smaller areas such as cabins or bathrooms. Both heating mats and loose cables can be used for cruise ships or yachts under a number of floor coverings.

Because our electric underfloor heating is manufactured in Denmark, it is suitable for running at 230V and 60htz or 240V and 50htz, the latter conforming to the UK power supply. For a cruise ship we can guarantee our systems at 230V / 60htz, the standard power requirement of these large holiday liners.

For more information on heating solutions at sea contact our project team on 01444 247020 or via email