Stop Water Pipes Bursting This Winter

Stop Water Pipes Bursting This Winter

The majority of failing pipes in this country are caused by pipes bursting when frozen.

The Association of British Insurers (2013) identify that burst pipes cost their members £2.5 million in claims every day*. As a result of the harsh 2010 winter over £1 billion was paid out in a month due to pipe impairment and consequential damage.

Our range of pipe protection can prevent pipes from bursting, avoiding subsequent harm to homes and increased insurance premiums. According to Simple Landlords Insurance (2017)*, burst pipes were one of the top causes of claims within the buy-to-let sector during winter 2016. Leaks due to burst pipes can be expensive and devastating to property so we have a solution...

Simple pipe protection with an integrated thermostat

Heat Mat PipeGuard will protect outdoor water pipes, garden irrigation systems or boiler condensate pipes. This simple device stops pipes swelling, cracking and freezing by recognising when the temperature has dropped to a few degrees and applying heat to the pipe. Once the pipe has reached a suitable and safe temperature, Heat Mat PipeGuard switches off again to save energy. Designed in Scandinavia, this low-cost product will maintain water flow in sub-zero temperatures down to -25oC.

Heat Mat PipeGuard is available next day with FREE delivery via an electrical wholesaler. Call 01444 247020 for more information or a list of local distributors.

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