Snow Melting System For A Steep Driveway

Snow Melting System For A Steep Driveway

A Heat Mat driveway heating system has been installed at a private country estate in Ibstone, Buckinghamshire.

The property has a steep driveway, which ends with a drop down to steep downland. The large driveway is one of the biggest exterior space Heat Mat has heated measuring 850m2 and is one of the biggest private driveway heating systems in the country.

Heat Mat attended site to assess the feasibility of installing a system this big and worked with contractors D&M Group to fit the driveway heating.

50W driveway heating cables were laid beneath concrete; stone was then used as the final surface covering to give the drive a traditional appearance. Moisture and temperature sensors provide the system controls, monitoring the ground to ensure the fully automated system activates if the temperature drops below a certain level.

Heat Mat provided onsite support and installation training throughout the build to ensure the owners have a robust and effective frost protection system for winter.