Heat Mat PipeGuard Features

  • A simple to install product to protect against frozen condensate pipes 
  • Protects pipes in temperatures down to minus 25°C
  • Integrated thermostat monitors the pipe temperature to provide fully automated protection
  • Ready made maintenance free unit which can be simply zip-tied in place
  • Operating costs are normally less than 50p per metre per year
  • Also suitable for use to prevent frozen water pipes and taps
  • Bespoke sizes and outputs can be supplied for special projects 
  • Internal condensate pipe heaters are also available where required 
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Heat Mat PipeGuard

Category: Heat Mat PipeGuard

Prevent frozen and burst pipes

Protect boiler condensate pipes and outdoor water supplies

Designed to prevent frozen condensate pipes in the most extreme conditions, Heat Mat PipeGuard is a simple to fit solution which stops frozen, cracked and damaged pipes, and ensures water keeps flowing down to -25°C. Once installed, Heat Mat PipeGuard automatically ensures heat is applied to the pipe when the temperature drops close to freezing, and switches off again to save energy once the pipe has reached a safe temperature.

  • Ready-made unit, simply connect to power supply
  • Simple to install, can be quickly zip-tied in place
  • Integrated thermostat to ensure energy efficiency
  • Monitors pipe temperature, rather than air temperature, to minimise running costs
  • Once covered with insulation the entire product is hidden from view, reducing potential damage or vandalism
  • Maintenance free and supplied with a 5 year warranty
  • Fully earthed for electrical safety
  • Developed for use in Scandinavia, where extreme winter conditions are a common occurrence.


Can be used on larger pipes

For pipes up to 22mm in diameter the cable can be run along the base of the pipe or spiralled around it. For larger pipes the cable must be spiralled around to provide even heat coverage. For longer pipes multiple Heat Mat PipeGuard units can be used together. If installing onto non-metallic pipes we recommend covering the pipe with aluminium foil to aid the heat spread, and it is always advisable to insulate the pipe after installing the Heat Mat PipeGuard unit. The heating cable can be affixed with zip-ties, or strong tape.

Protection against costly call out charges

Costing from as little as £50 to purchase and designed to be simple to install, Heat Mat PipeGuard represents fantastic value for money. It prevents your boiler stopping or breaking down due to a frozen condensate pipe, and also ensures against the costly call out charges associated with dealing with these issues.

Very low running costs

With its dedicated thermostat, monitoring the pipe temperature, the system ensures it only provides heat when required, ensuring it would normally cost less than 50p per metre per year to operate; significantly less than some alternative systems.

Fit and forget

Once the unit is installed no maintenance is required and with its 10 Year Warranty you can be confident it will protect your pipes through the worst the British weather has to throw at us.

Designed for Scandinavian winters

Heat Mat PipeGuard is designed to cope with the extreme cold of Scandinavian winters and is reassuringly over-engineered for the very coldest British weather. Internal pipe heating systems are also available where insulation cannot be added to the outside of the pipe. Please contact us for more details.

Heat Mat PipeGuard Technical Specification

Application Frost protection of metallic and non-metallic water pipes
Heating Element Dual conductor constant wattage heating wire
Voltage 230V +/-10%
Output per metre 14W
Output Range 19–567W
Amp Rating 3A
Sensor Integrated thermal sensor
Start-up temperature +3ºC
Cut-out temperature +13ºC
Insulation Expanded low density polyethylene
IP Rating IPX7
Earth protection 100% earth shielded
Cable flexibility Minimum allowable cable radius is 30mm
Dimensions 1.4–45.0m
Coldtail lead 1.35m
Fixings Supplied with cable-tie
Warning Stickers Included within pack


Choosing the right cable for your pipe

PipeGuard Length Suitable for 10–22mm pipes of the following lengths Suitable for 23–38mm pipes of the following lengths
1.4m 0.7–1.4m 0.7–1.2m
2.0m 1.5–2.0m 1.3–1.8m
3.0m 3.1–4.0m 1.9–2.7m
4.0m 3.1–4.0m 2.8–3.6m
5.0m 4.1–5.0m 3.7–4.5m
8.0m 5.1–8.0m 4.6–7.2m
10.5m 8.1–10.5m 7.3–9.4m
14.0m 10.6–14.0m 9.5–12.6m
18.5m 14.1–18.5m 12.7–16.7m
22.5m 18.6–22.5m 16.8–20.2m
38.0m 22.6–38.0m 20.3–34.2m
45.0m 38.1–45.0m 34.3–40.5m



The unit must be powered by an RCD protected supply, either from the boiler (if suitable) or from a separate 3A rated, fused spur. A drip loop should be introduced if the power supply is below any section of the heating cable.


If installing onto plastic pipes we recommend wrapping the pipe with an aluminium foil tape first, to help dissipate heat. The Heat Mat PipeGuard unit should be loosely zip-tied into place at approximately 500mm intervals with the thermostat resting beneath the pipe, where the pipe exits the property. The heating cable should run beneath the pipe, for pipes up to 22mm in diameter, and spiralled around the pipe, for pipes measuring 23–38mm. Once the unit is in place, suitable pipe insulation should be used to lag the pipe, this should be zip-tied into place and the electrical warning stickers should be placed at intervals of 3m.