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Roof heating, large South East UK factory

Project: Large factory roof heating system 

The site:

A large, blue chip manufacturer needed to prevent snowdrifts forming on an existing roof, against the wall of a building that had recently been constructed. The project presented a number of challenges, however by working with the roofing supplier and the chosen installers, Heat Mat were able to provide a suitable bespoke manufactured snow melting system.

The roof surface was re-laid prior to the heating system being installed, and Heat Mat were supplied with samples of the various shortlisted materials, for testing ahead of the final decision on which to use.

Extensive tests were carried out in Heat Mat’s low-temperature test facilities. The data obtained informed the final solution for the heating system and allowed a decision to be made on the most appropriate roofing material.

The system:

The finalised heating cables covered almost 1,000m2. The heaters were zoned to ensure the overall loading required at any one time did not exceed the available power onsite. Due to the complicated nature of the roof itself, a custom system solution needed to be found for suspending the supply cables above the roof, and Heat Mat worked with a manufacturing partner to provide a suitable solution in a very short timescale.

Heat Mat confirmed that each element of the system was suitable to work in conjunction with the manufacturer's existing Building Management System. The design of the heating cables and fixings should provide an efficient lifetime of at least 25 Years. Installation support was provided Free Of Charge onsite at the start of the installation, and throughout the project. The sign-off procedure included a detailed thermal imaging survey to confirm the heating elements were all working as expected.

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Heat Mat roof heating system being tested on a large commercial property

This thermal image shows the roof heating system during testing in November 2014. 

A thermal image showing Heat Mat's exterior frost protection cable heating a UK roof.

An exterior frost protection cable was specified to heat the roof and melt potentially dangerous ice and snow. Melt water flows into gutters. 

Thermal image showing the scale of a Heat Mat roof heating system.

This roof heating system will prevent damage in winter and ensure the roof complies with health and safety regulations. 

Heat Mat cables are installed across the whole surface of the roof.

Heat Mat cables are installed across the whole surface of the roof and will be frequently tested to ensure the system is heating as required.

Roof heating constant wattage cable close up and heated melt water.

The constant wattage cable operates in various zones on the roof. Heated waste water continues to melt ice and snow as it runs away. 

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